Current Exhibition: “Wildlife”

These pieces are currently being exhibited at my gallery, 279 Skewes Rd Goolwa, in South Australia. The exhibition is part of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival held during August. The gallery opening hours are every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11am to 4pm, 5 August to 28 August.

The natural world is the inspiration for my sculptures which are made out of copper. I use mainly hand tools to stretch and shape the copper to form the pieces which are then soldered together to make a finished sculpture. I hope my work encourages people to be aware of and enjoy nature as I do.

David Hamilton

Jellyfish in the Round, Copper, 53cmHx30cmDx60cmW

Hummingbird Hibiscus in the Round, Copper, 45cmHx22cmDx43cmW, Sold

Calla Lily Frog Side Table, Copper and Glass, 76cmHx56cmDx42cmW

Strelitzia Blue Wren Side table, Copper and Glass, 75cmHx45cmDx40cmW

Stingray Side Table, Copper and Glass, 47cmHx40cmDx40cmW

Blue Wrens and Willy Wagtail Leaf Bowl, Copper, 40cmHx37cmDx65cmW, Sold

Climbing Frog Leaf Bowl, Copper, 42cmHx38cmDx65cmW

Gum Leaves Bird Bath, Copper, 85cmHx56cmDx50cmW

Strelitzia Bird Bath, Copper, 100cmHx45cmDx40cmW

Calla Lily Bird Bath, Copper, 96cmHx46cmDx42cmW

Hummingbird Wall Piece, Copper, 31cmHx15cmDx30cmW, Sold

Blue Wren Bamboo Wall Piece, Copper, 36cmHx10cmDx33cmW, Sold

Platypus Lamp, Sold