Current Exhibition

These pieces are currently being exhibited at my gallery, 279 Skewes Rd Goolwa, in South Australia. The gallery is open on Sundays 11am-4pm. State Government restrictions regarding COVID-19 apply including QR check in and the wearing of masks indoors . If you wish to enquire about any of these pieces or a possible commission please go to CONTACT US where you will receive a prompt response.

David Hamilton

Siamese Fighting Fish 1, Copper, 50cmHx35cmDx50cmW, $2450

Siamese Fighting Fish 2, Copper, 50cmHx25cmDx40cmW, $2450

Stingray, Copper, 40cmHx30cmDx60cmW, $2250

Manta Ray, Copper and Corten Steel, 150cmHx130cmDx100cmW, $7000

Frog Climbing Grass, Copper, 25cmHx25cmDx30cmW, $1450-Sold

Frog Leaping, Copper, 50cmHx35cmDx50cmW, $2450

Dragonfly Landed, Copper, 40cmHx30cmDx20cmW, $950-Sold

Magpie Feather, Copper, 70cmHx30cmDx40cmW, $1450 – Sold

Blue Wren Gum Leaves, Copper, 45cmHx30cmDx30cmW, $1750 – Sold

Heron Lamp, Copper, 110cmHx50cmDx50cmW, $4950-Sold

Platypus Lamp, Copper, 100cmHx60cmDx45cmW, $4950

Blue Wren Tap, Copper and Brass, 120cmHx15cmDx7cmW, $300 – Three of 3 Sold

Leaf Cutter Ant, Copper, 35cmHx65cmDx30cmW, $1450

Blue Wren Wall Sculpture, Copper, 60cmHx10cmDx30cmW, $450 – Sold